Interoperability Is Key to Unlocking the Internet of Everything

The Internet Protocol for Smart Objects Alliance focuses on how devices can communicate with each other.  Sourced through from: Tenemos que acostumbrarnos… Las revoluciones se sucederán y se superpondrán hasta que… Sigue leyendo

Three Marketing and Customer-Experience Trends You’re Bound to See in 2016

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The future of mobility: How transportation technology and social trends are creating a new business ecosystem

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How to Optimize Your Video Content Strategy for Mobile

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Four Supply chain trends to watch in 2016

According to Grant Marshbank, COO of VSc Solutions, supply chains will face a number of challenges, he said: “Supply chain managers are already under huge pressure to adapt to turbulent economies, labour issues,… Sigue leyendo

10 Qualities of People With High Emotional Intelligence

If you want to know if you have high emotional intelligence, here are a few tips to guide you along the way. Sourced through from: See on – Customer relations

Capturing DAM Relationships

We’ve heard a fair amount of talk about innovation in DAM lately, but one area hasn’t received much attention: the need for systems that track the complex relationships between assets and other entiti…… Sigue leyendo

How Automotive Industry Strategy Is Influencing CX

As a child, I looked forward to the annual Chicago Auto Show for midyear vehicle changes among the car brands. Sourced through from: Lo que subyace detrás son dos modelos de… Sigue leyendo

Are You Ready To Do Personalized Marketing?

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The 10 C’s Digital Marketing Model – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

Introducing the 10 C’s of Marketing for the modern economy Marketing models, whether traditional or digital, are useful frameworks to focus planning and st. Marketing topic(s):Marketing models. Advice by Annmarie Hanlon. Sourced through… Sigue leyendo