Umberto Eco, literary giant, dead at 84

Eco was best known in the U.S. for his literary debut, the historical novel The Name of the Rose. The book dealt with a murder at a 14th century monastery. Sourced through… Sigue leyendo

Open Data Will Fuel Growth of Smart Cities

New research suggests smart cities will combine human effort with excellence in technology to create better places to live — and it’s all predicated on the successful use of open data. According Sourced… Sigue leyendo

The Best Converting Landing Pages for B2B

A great first impression can convert a lead into a sale in a matter of moments. A bad impression… Well you know the story there. Your landing page is your first impression. Sourced… Sigue leyendo

Small Businesses Must Heed Cloud, Security, Mobility and IT Services Trends in 2016

Advances in digitally disruptive technologies can deliver numerous benefits, allowing firms to protect and expand their bottom line. Sourced through from: See on – Customer Experience vgmoreno

Forrester: Your Best Investment Is Digital Customer Experience

A Forrester survey confirms what CMSWire has been suggesting for a while now: namely, that the best CX investments your organization can make revolve around digital customer experience. Sourced through from:… Sigue leyendo

Insurance Customer Experience Innovation: Five Disruptive Examples

RT @CMO_com: 5 examples of insurance customer experience innovation: @MichaelHinshaw Sourced through from: See on – Customer Experience vgmoreno

The Internet of Things Offers Insights to Manufacturing, Retail and Other Industries

As connectivity gets added to more devices, the true value of such connections is in the data and lessons businesses can glean from them. Sourced through from: See on –… Sigue leyendo

What a Mission-Driven Company Looks Like

According to Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey, six in 10 millennials say that a “sense of purpose” is what drove them to work with their current employers. Sourced through from: See on… Sigue leyendo

The Top Technology Trends Confronting Nonprofits in 2016 [#Infographic]

The nonprofit world faces several key tech trends and opportunities in the new year. Sourced through from: See on – Customer Experience vgmoreno

Digital is the Transformation Agent, Not the Transformation

Digital is finally reaching a tipping point. It is now transforming old organizations and giving birth to new types of organization; and indeed, to a new type of society. Sourced through from:… Sigue leyendo