Mercedes is replacing robots with people on the assembly line

Mercedes offers so many options on its higher-end cars that the variety was overwhelming robots, forcing the brand to replace them with people. Sourced through from: See on – Customer… Sigue leyendo

25 Brands to Follow for Visual Content Marketing Inspiration

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5 Clever Uses of LinkedIn for Unique Customer Experiences

Don’t overlook LinkedIn’s potential for unique, memorable social media campaigns. Take inspiration from these five clever companies. Sourced through from: See on – vgmoreno Social Media tips

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A resource of educational iPad and Android apps for teachers, educators, and students Sourced through from: See on – Customer relations

McKinsey’s consumer decision journey – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

McKinsey’s consumer decision journey can help to model how your customer comes to the moment of purchase and discover what makes buy Based on empirical res. Marketing topic(s):Marketing models. Advice by Annmarie Hanlon.… Sigue leyendo

Modernize Leadership: Shifting 8 Outdated Management Practices

Over the previous decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and study thousands of companies. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that the world has changed a lot, but organizational management has… Sigue leyendo

How Integrating Influencer Marketing Delivers ROI for Brands

Using key personalities to spread your brand’s message to your target market is a valuable customer acquisition tool. Here’s how to do it and why it works. Sourced through from: See… Sigue leyendo

Innovators tend to have mentors in college. Good grades, not so much.

So where do innovators come from? And how do they acquire their skills? Sourced through from: See on – Customer Experience vgmoreno


Journifica™ is mapping and survey-based software that facilitates the exploration of customer journeys, patient journeys and learner journeys. It could also be used to validate business processes. Sourced through from: See… Sigue leyendo

6 Young Companies to Watch #DevWeek16

A week of coding, hacking, training and interacting came to a close in San Francisco yesterday as the curtain fell on the fourth annual DeveloperWeek. More than three dozen exhibitors and th Sourced… Sigue leyendo